shirt numbers


Germany 1996
Willem II 2002
Real Madrid 2003
AC Milan 2004
Chelsea 2004
Roda JC 2004
FC Utrecht 2004
Ajax 2004
Cameroon 2004
Italy 2004
Sporting 2004
Bayern M√ľnchen 2005
Schalke 04
Real Madrid 2005
FC Twente 2005
NAC/Vitesse 2005
Italy 2006
Netherlands 2006
Sevilla 2006

Just before summer 2004 the team of Ajax showed its new kit. Not only the design of the away shirt had changed, but also the numbers on both the home and the away shirt. The new numbers are quite light in weight and the strokes have a classical broad nipped pen contrast. Actually they are based on the numerals from the typeface Perpetua, designed by the Englishman Eric Gill in 1930 (see: MyFonts). This typeface has two sets of figures: lining figures (all figures have the same height, mostly the height of capital letters) and old style figures (figures that vary in height so they nicely cooperate with lowercase letters in texts for extended reading). The lining figures of Perpetua not only differ in height from their old style equivalents, but also in shape. The curious thing about the Ajax numbers is that they are lining numbers based on the old style figures from Perpetua. This is most obvious in 5 and 7. It surely is a nice design.

The typeface used for the names of the players is based on Albertus.


Old style figures from Perpetua.